How two pairs of twins turned a piece of South-Floridian stoner vernacular into a Southern California-based cannabis empire. 

At some point, the origin stories of cannabis brands cease to impress on the level they did in a more nascent market. Eventually, readers begin to instinctually anticipate a recitation of the same old story: so-and-so applied for a license, raised funding, yada yada, and the rest is history. To be sure, many fortunes have been made this way since this industry’s inception, with more continually joining the ranks on a seemingly daily basis.

When it comes to Jeeter, though, while some might be inclined to approach the topic with a reflexive yawning indifference, it may interest them to learn that the brand deviates from the status quo, both when it comes to its humble beginnings and the way it operates as one of today’s biggest retailers in the rapidly-growing cannabiz

Born from slang once relegated to that slice of subtropical paradise affectionately dubbed Tallanasty by locals, “jeeter,” the brand, like the term with which it shares its namesake, is increasingly becoming part of the subcultural lexicon on a national level. To this day, many a South Florida area stoner can still be heard imploring cohorts to “pass the jeeter.”

However, while Jeeter is arguably climbing higher than few others have dared to venture (this time last year, the company was crowned the best-selling pre-roll on the market, in addition to being the recognized as the fastest growing), the Jeeter phenomenon is a success story that nearly wasn’t

Believe it or not, before all the hyper-imaginative and far-out experiential pop-ups, and before a brain-expanding amount of cannabis was packed into pre-rolls destined for widespread distribution, there was a point where the bros behind one of the most recognizable cannabis brands in the country didn’t know if they’d remain solvent enough to fund their payroll long-term. Dangerously low on funding, the group faced no small number of hurdles–including one that actually saw them pawning their watches and cars in order to keep the operation afloat.

Interestingly enough, it all began as a close-knit group of mid-aughts FSU students throwing house parties on the order of any one of Entourage’s gratuitous bashes. Incidentally, for Lukasz Tracz, Sebastian Solano, and respective twin brothers, Patryck Tracz and David Solano, the hit HBO show was an inspiring force that fueled their early endeavor. 

From there, this monozygotic brainchild, as it were, quickly grew into an event and lifestyle brand, notorious for throwing epic nightclub- and arena-sized events–not the least of which culminated in the traveling paint party known as Life in Color

Then, in 2012, the brothers sold their brand to SFX, another event promotion company. Before too long, they began looking to their next big move, finally arriving at the only logical venture: cannabis. With the establishment of legal recreational use, and no shortage of unsolicited offers, the group set out to determine which part of the industry might best fit their plans; from cultivation to retail and everything in between, all aspects were considered.

As is clearly the case today, the group settled on the pre-roll market, with Jeeter’s operational model essentially consisting of sourcing premium, indoor third-party flower and hiring staff to hand-package the product. 

In addition to its flagship line of pre-rolls, the brand has branched out in recent years, now boasting premium Jeeter Juice cartridges among its inimitable product catalogue, with Jeeter Bites soon to arrive on the edibles scene.

When it comes to its California operation, Jeeter sources only the finest premium indoor flower from top cultivators throughout Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley. Since its arrival here in Arizona, the brand has maintained this practice, seeking out only the best phenotypes and terpenes for their line of assorted products sold in the Valley and beyond. 

With regard to quality, the end result of Jeeter’s diligence is evident in every delicious, smooth draw of the especially potent flower, which regularly tests near or above the 30 percentile range in terms of THC and/or total cannabinoids. 

Meanwhile, the product is presented in a way that pays homage to the lively and festive nature of those early Life In Color parties. That is, Jeeter successfully utilizes the same visually stimulating aesthetics in every aspect of its branding and marketing; from its bright and vibrant packaging to its endlessly-creative pop-ups, the latter of which include impressive convenience store and video rental store themes. 

Of course, this is to say nothing of the brand’s inaugural Jeeter Day, a celebration of the cannabis community and cannabis culture that included appearances by the likes of Ludacris and Demi Lovato. Additionally, Jeeter has overseen the successful rollout of collaborations with other notable public figures, including professional athletes such as former NFL running back great Ricky Williams and NBA legend Dwayne Wade.

These days, the company initially born from a desire to essentially get paid to party continues to grow exponentially. After expanding its presence into Michigan this summer, Jeeter has become a formidable multi-state operator in its own right, ostensibly serving as the harbinger for the onslaught of similarly infused products that have begun to emerge. 

If it appears to be dominating the industry, that’s likely due to the fact that the brand was one of the earliest to bring its product to market, just as infused pre-rolls were becoming the trend du jour

Of course, when the “fad” is over, there will still be one brand to which people turn for their terp-filled, curiously powerful joints. When other brands have moved on to the perceived “next big thing,” those colorful, flavorful Jeeters will still be making rotations in many a sesh-circle, prompting countless awaiting tokers to utter, “hey man, pass the jeeter.”

If the fact that Solano has predicted that Jeeter will top $1 billion in annual sales by 2025 is any indication of the brand’s immense success, it’s not unreasonable to begin to wonder: Did Jeeter enter the market just as the infused phenomenon began, or was it Jeeter who set the trend in motion?

One will simply have to stay tuned to Jeeter’s trajectory to see how this modern-day chicken-and-egg-type causality dilemma shakes out. In the meantime, one thing is apparent: At the very least, Jeeter has played an undeniable role in shaping the preroll market as it exists today.

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