GreenPharms Dispensaries at Buds and Bikinis – A Celebration of Cannabis and Community

greenpharms at buds and bikinis

Being a vendor at all three Buds and Bikinis pool parties was an incredible experience for us at GreenPharms. Our commitment to quality and our passion for the cannabis industry found a perfect home in these unforgettable nights, which took place in Mesa over the course of the hottest summer on record!

A Celebration of Community with GreenPharms

For GreenPharms, the Buds and Bikinis series was a wonderful celebration of cannabis, creativity and community. These parties were more than just gatherings; they were a testament to the power of cannabis to bring people together. We witnessed a remarkable blend of attendees from all walks of life, and it was truly heartwarming to see how cannabis has the extraordinary ability to bridge gaps and unite individuals with diverse backgrounds.

As a vendor, we had the privilege of engaging with a wonderfully diverse crowd. Whether they were cannabis novices seeking guidance or seasoned connoisseurs on the hunt for something special, the cannabis culture at Buds and Bikinis welcomed all. The sense of unity and celebration was something we cherished deeply and is now a part of the GreenPharms spirit.

Showcasing Innovation with GreenPharms

GreenPharms has always been at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis industry. Buds and Bikinis provided us with an ideal platform to exhibit the latest and most remarkable cannabis products and services.

Our interactions with the attendees were incredibly rewarding. The event allowed us to introduce new products and share insights into the latest trends in the cannabis world. It was inspiring to witness the spirit of exploration and curiosity that filled the air. At GreenPharms, innovation is in our DNA, and Buds and Bikinis provided a stage where we could truly shine.

Buds and Bikinis: An Economic Boost and Community Builder

These events weren’t just about celebration and innovation; they were also an economic boon for the local community. Buds and Bikinis attracted thousands of visitors to the Valley, benefiting local businesses and contributing to the local community’s tax revenue. We were proud to be part of an event that was not only about fun but also about supporting the local economy.

Yet, the impact went beyond dollars and cents. Buds and Bikinis created a vibrant atmosphere, and the sense of unity and camaraderie was palpable. Cannabis, as a common thread, fostered connections and friendships, making the event more than just a marketplace – it was a gathering of like-minded individuals celebrating a shared passion.

A Heartfelt Thanks and a Bright Future with GreenPharms

As a vendor at Buds and Bikinis, we want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made these events possible. We shared in the joy, the laughter, and the memories with you, and we can’t wait for the day we can do it all over again.

The trilogy of Buds and Bikinis has left an indelible mark on cannabis culture, and it has a special place in our hearts at GreenPharms Dispensaries. We look forward to many more adventures where we can continue to celebrate diversity, showcase innovation, and build stronger bonds within the cannabis community.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the incredible organizers, fellow vendors, and most importantly, the attendees who made these events truly memorable. As we move forward, you can always find us at GreenPharms to explore more cannabis innovations and continue celebrating this remarkable plant that brings us all together.


Let us extend our gratitude to our fellow cannabis vendors and contributors who helped make these events possible:

Bud Bros
Big Bud Farms
Verano / Savvy
High Grade
El Blunto
Bold Behavior
Caviar Gold
Alpaka Infusions

Sip Elixers
Keef Cola
Pura Earth
House Exotics

VIP Gift Bag Contributors:
Dime Industries
Space Rocks
Defi Edibles

Additional Thanks to our Food Vendors!

Savage Thurst Trap
The Stoner Grill
Olianes Food
Spicy Sassy Dulces

Rock N Rolled Ice Cream
King’s Mini Pancakes
A Baked Sale
Big Mamma’s Desserts
Copper Kettle Corn
480 Burgers/ Ducky cheesesteak
Chip wrecked
Flying Cow Freeze Dried Candy
Mi Amore Pizza
Elleans Kitchen
Pan Loco
American Top Hotdog
The Wet Clam
Antojitos Snacks
The Vegan Joint


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