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Marijuana and the Gateway Myth

Anyone old enough to recall sitting through D.A.R.E. programming in elementary school will undoubtedly be familiar with the age-old doctrine about marijuana being a gateway to other, more illicit drugs.

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Are Budtenders the Last Real Experts?

In the book, The Death of Expertise, author Tom Nichols laments what he sees as the departure of the “expert” from many aspects of life, evidently replaced by armchair know-it-alls who tend to pontificate without actually having any experience with the particular topic about which they proceed to wax eloquent. 

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Cannabinoids, Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

Whether you’re shopping for medical or recreational marijuana, if you’ve spent any time in a Phoenix-area dispensary recently, you may have experienced an apparent phenomenon occurring across the region—one that involves some variation of the following utterance: “Hey, uh, let me get your highest THC strain.”

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Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Does the Strain Matter?

If you consume cannabis, you are more than likely aware of the categorization by which various strains are distinguished from one another. The terms sativa, indica and hybrid are descriptors that imply specific qualities, which can represent a deciding factor for discerning patients or customers hoping to find their ideal strain. 

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